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May 30th. Sex is Immutable

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Sex is immutable is a regular cry from the gender-crits. You cant change sex!

Well, legally, we can - the Gender Recognition Act tells us precisely that.

This somewhat annoys the gender-crits (actually, I suspect they are seething), but facts are facts, and come to that, my driving licence certainly indicates I am a "f."

f for a female!

Indeed, I can go further "f" is marked on my passport, too - certainly the epitome of legal photographic identification.

So other than a Gender Recognition Certificate, which changes a birth certificate (don't let's go there today, sigh), changing official ID is relatively easy.

But sex is immutable, echoes the GC cry - now we are talking biological sex - (double sigh).

Who cares?

Some say the moon landings didn't take place (shrug shoulders) or that the earth is flat (double shrug) - who really cares what other people think on an issue that dont directly affect them?

But sex is immutable! - (is that steam coming out of gender-crits ears?)

No one will walk down the street and lift a woman's skirt to check her genitalia - it just dont happen - and if it did, the accuser would be in a police cell faster than Nick Hancock gives out another; multi-million contract to his mates!


Okay, sorry, let's get serious; I give in!

Well, binary thinkers and most biologists would say, you can't change sex - I accept that. But that said, trans folk on hormones or have had surgery is not strictly their sex assigned at birth. And then, we get to those secondary phenotype characteristics. In fact, it is all very complicated - so complicated that some biologists are arguing that nobody knows EXACTLY what sex is. This debate is beyond me -  and if scientists can't agree what chance have I got? 

So I come back to the fact that no one will check genitals in everyday life.

And the real bottom line?

No one cares!

Unless you are a gender-crit of course - 

(Triple sigh). 

Can we all go to the pub?


Authored by co-editor Steph @PlaceSteph

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