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Sex Offenders, Castration and Hormones.

The effects of chemicals, hormones and the surgeon's knife.


Chemical castration for sex offenders.

Sounds very radical dont it?

In fact, we would say it that it against human rights.

But it does work, and more to the point many trans women very willingly go this route to rid themselves of testosterone. The website Healthline says this about testosterone; "Testosterone (T)  affects a man's appearance and sexual development. It stimulates sperm production as well as a man's sex drive. It also helps build muscle and bone mass."

Trans women like myself, replace the testosterone with Estrogen (E) the female hormone. Technically the practice of chemically cutting out testosterone is reversible, but in reality, that is not completely the case.

Now I AM NOT saying for one-second trans folk are sex offenders - in fact, quite the reverse. Overall the stats show cisgender people (by a huge percentage, men) are twice as likely to offend as someone who identifies trans.

But, trans women, in principal follow a similar path to offenders to rid ourselves of "T" and the go one to replace it with "E."

The first use of chemical castration for sex offenders go back to the mid-1940s. But perhaps the most famous case in the UK is that of Alan Turing now recognised as one of the greatest Britain's to have lived. In 1952 (the year I was born), he accepted this punishment instead of going to prison - his crime was being gay.

Alan committed suicide a few years later, never recovering from the stigma we as a nation caused him. Chemical castration is recognised as being exceedingly effective - so much so there are cases where sex offenders have been spared the death sentence or life imprisonment by accepting chemical castration.

Trans women who also take estrogen, risk permanent changes to their brain, (making it more 'female') together with other side effects.

That said, it is not easy for trans women to go on hormones. First, she has to pass some psychiatric tests, which often (from start to finish) takes many years. If the psychiatric tests are successful, a specialist doctor will then prescribe drugs to reduce testosterone, replacing it with estrogen.

It is a bit like changing a car's fuel - diesel out - petrol in.

But taking potent drugs to reduce testosterone is not pleasant - they often have horrible side effects so in some cases trans women requests surgery - full castration or SRS.

Surgical castration goes back thousands of years the most prominent being the eunuchs who were employed both in the Middle East and in China mainly as guards and servants in harems or other women's quarters - the ultimate of a single-sex space!

Eunuchs did not take estrogen of course - which changes trans women quite considerably in personality, making them very calm - except occasionally when riled by terfs and GC's perhaps!

I am not aware of any trans woman who would go back to our former life - back to testosterone, leaving behind estrogen. I simply could not do it. I LOVE estrogen even though it potentially could cause me some long term medical harm. 

Testosterone is responsible either directly or indirectly for so many horrific things, including the driver or war, aggression and domestic violence, to name just three. I hate it - and was delighted to see my last blood test showed I had just 0.6 units of T, whilst having 165 units of E. 

I honestly believe chemical castration for sex offenders is a reasonable punishment to protect women, kids and trans women from physical attacks.

The human rights brigade would, of course, disagree. 


Wikipedia has lots of info on the above subject matter and is worth a read. The link is below:,build%20muscle%20and%20bone%20mass.

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