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23rd August. So you hear nothing

Where are you Steph?

So you hear nothing.

This trans blogger is indeed very silent - where are you, Steph?

So, of course, I am here, and yes, we all at Stephs Place, have been very quiet of late.

We all have for different reasons - the primary one being security which, for obvious reasons, I can't say anything about!

Rest assured, Freedom of Information requests have been flying, and behind the scenes, we are working. A big public thanks though to Nicola Rose for all her impeccable reports on the Dr Helen case - the number of visitors to this website remains at incredibly high levels so we must be doing something right!

We also are in holiday & wedding season. Personally, I have two very significant weddings in August and yes speeches -  speeches, all of which takes a fair bit of time to prepare.

Not to mention of course what do I wear!

But let's keep that ball rolling of sorts, so what's next?

Janice Raymond is undoubtedly one topic I will be covering in the next couple of weeks. The founder of gender critical, terfism ideology has written a new book!

These days, of course, she has competition from the other terfy people, but I do enjoy trying to work out what is in their head and why they write and say what they do.

In the meantime, back to these weddings, one down (it was beautiful), one to go and within the next few days! And yes, I am so excited!

A flight to sunny climbs using my new passport which says "F" for Female inside!

Of course, Janice Raymond and other terfy people will not be happy about that, but they do nothing to allow people to opt-out of this silly binary system that sometimes labels people against their will.

So for now, the best I can offer is a few promises - in the short term a few images on Twitter and in the longer term....well wow!


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