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5th October. Standing Against Transphobia

by Portsmouth Councillor Claire Udy

Today's guest blog is authored by Portsmouth City Councillor Claire Udy and is based on her recent Facebook post.

Claire is one of the thousands of cis allies to whom the trans community are eternally grateful.

I would ask that everyone attending on the 16th and 17th of October does so in the knowledge that the London Trans Rights protest was filmed by an internationally known American 'anti-trans activist' and that then one of the organizers of that protest (who dressed in pink dungarees) was wrongly portrayed as being a baby and having a fetish. The heavily edited and manipulated video was then spread worldwide and shared by, for instance, LGBA Canada.

We must be very conscious that the US extreme right-wing seeks to portray trans rights as threatening; when the truth is "American based terfism" is driven by an ideology based on neo-nazism with the sole purpose to extinguish the rights of LGBT+ people and women's rights to abortion, such as in Texas.


Turning now to the FiLiA event, (the Stephs Place co-eds fully accept FiLiA were not in any way involved in the issues at the London protest), we are asking supporters to the "Fly the Flag" event to dress in the colours of the trans flag, pink, blue and white, if possible.

For anyone visiting the FiLiA event, it is our sincere belief you can do so safely and without any intimidation whatsoever indeed; we would invite you to take part in any activities if you wish, including the planed singing, dancing & poetry. 


Steph xx

Here is Claire's blog:


Please join us as we stand against so-called ‘gender critical’ feminism and show that Portsmouth is a welcoming place for trans and non-binary people.

Starting at 8 am on the 16th and 17th of October in Guildhall Square a free mini breakfast (vegan option available) will be available as we know this is an early start!

During the day we are hosting our own set of speakers who will disclose their stories as well as having some structured activities such as dancing, mindfulness, poetry and open mic sessions.

A conference is being held in the Guildhall at the same time where ‘feminists’ from up and down the country will meet to discuss a whole plethora of issues including those who are trans-exclusionary and issues around ‘biological sex’.

With noted speakers such as Julie Bindel, Maya Forstater, Joanna Cherry QC, Stephanie Davies-Arai, Helen Joyce, Karen Ingala-Smith, Selina Todd and others; all you have to do is Google their names to see what their opinions are.

Trans people (and especially poor and working-class trans women and trans women of colour) are at a heightened risk of violence and this meeting of ‘minds’ only puts the lives of our trans and non-binary friends in danger.

We are here to stand up and send a message of love and inclusivity with a weekend-long love-in with great activities.

We want placards and your best voices!

We want to stand united and say that trans exclusionary feminism has no place in a modern intersectional society.

We are also sex work inclusive and believe in full body autonomy. Something of which the organisers of the conference do not agree with either.

If you would like to help out or would like to offer your talents with activities then please contact me via my Facebook post.

We are encouraging a loving family environment where we will have well-being volunteers and an area to go to, if things become a little bit too much for some.

Trans rights are human rights
Non-binary rights are human rights
Sex work is work


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Love and let live