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JK Rowling’s Bottomless Brunch

Opinion By Freda

On the 10th April 2022 JK Rowling held a social function at the River Café in Hammersmith, London. I’m not sure how many ‘cafes’ you’ve been to in London but this is one were a salad will cost you £55 and if you need something to wash that down a flute of Prosecco starts at £10.


Trans Heroes - Sophie Wilson

The trans woman who has changed our world.

Not many people can claim to have shaped our digital world as much as the computer scientist and trans woman, Sophie Wilson (CBE FRS FREng DistFBCs).


Transgender – An Alien Perspective

Looking at the world as a visitor from Zogg - by Julie Miller

Ladies and Gentlemen! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  This familiar salutation has been used for generations by people in immediate need of our attention; “Ladies and Gentlemen, the train at Platform 3 is for Oxford only”.................


Andrea's Story

A lovely personal blog from a follower of our website.

We are getting more and more contributions from followers of this website and we are very grateful for all the lovely comments too. This very personal blog came from Andrea. 


The Trans Woman Toilet Question


Sir John Harrington (1561-1612) was a poet and godson of Queen Elizabeth 1; most have never heard of him, but he invented a device to which we are all beholden and forever grateful, and brought a new meaning to the phrase “sitting on the throne”. He invented the flushing toilet.


Why I'm ditching the term 'Transition'

By Co-Editor Claire


So, I’m sitting on the sofa, dosed up on painkillers and trying to fend off the side effects of my second Covid vaccination. The TV is on, but I’m not really paying any attention to it - it’s just background noise, a muted soundtrack to my state of minor misery.


As usual when I’m like this, my mind often wanders off to do its own thing....


Vicky's experience of Indigo Trans Healthcare

Vicky is one of the first to be treated at is her story so far

Ask any trans person, and they will tell you that trans healthcare is in disarray. Not so much general medicine: most GP's will treat the 'run of the mill ailments' no problem. But getting hormones? Then many GP's take fright (wrongly, of course) and refer their patient .........


The Cisgender Dilemma

by Co-Editor Claire


Recently, I read yet another “article” by a cisgender about trans people. As expected, it was full of misconceptions, half-truths and lies. As usual, it also proposed a number of “solutions” to the “transgender question”, which, when decoded from the reactionary language that is frighteningly reminiscent of white supremacy, fascism and anti-semitism, basically boiled down to one thing.


Transgender Soldier Returns Medal

The story of the soldier that returned her medal in protest of the treatment of trans people experience in the UK.

"I feel disgusted," was the headline in Inews on the 13th of April 2021. And Jasmine Andersson's article then briefly explained why a British Army veteran was sending back her medal to Boris Johnson..........


Amber Rose Washington Interview

Engaging, Dynamic, Focused are all adjectives that describe Amber Rose Washington

I first bumped into Amber in a Zoom trans chat room. They were about ten others there, and it being my first visit to that group, I did not know anyone. Some of the group were clearly trans, but others appeared to be allies, so I just sat back and listened for a spell. In the bottom right of my screen was Amber, who I took as an American ally......


Allie Crewe Photography

In conversation with Portrait of Britain winner Allie Crewe

It has been a very long time since I have interviewed someone – in fact decades, so when Allie Crewe agreed to chat to me, I was delighted if a tad nervous.


A Manifesto for Trans Rights in the UK

With thanks to Claire Exists for this contribution

A Manifesto for Trans Rights in the UK


Fire Retardants, Safety, Cancer & Kids

The UK has the toughest fire regulations in the world - but at what cost?

America - "the home of the free". Except, America is not free at all; in many issues, America controls and dominates. So let me give you some examples in our lives, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, ..................


Sex Offenders, Castration and Hormones.

The effects of chemicals, hormones and the surgeon's knife.

Chemical castration for sex offenders. Sounds very radical dont it? In fact, we would say it is against human rights. But it does work, and more to the point many trans women willingly go this route to rid themselves of testosterone


Crossdressers - cis or trans?

Why Stonewall should possibly have a re-think.

Crossdressing. When I asked on Twitter if a crossdresser was cis or trans, I got a deluge of replies that I was never expecting. In some ways, it was the best tweet I have ever made because just for once I never had a single TERF or Gendecrit jumping down my throat.......


Alcohol - The Easy To Buy Drug That Can Lead To Abuse

When a social liquid causes misery

As a child, I never saw domestic abuse. Any differences were I suspect swept under the carpet, although I became aware in later life that my grandfather badly abused my mum as a child....


Where Are The Best Charity Shops and What UK City is most Trans Friendly?

My take on charity shops, Birmingham & Norwich

Pre COVID my job took me all over the country and whilst staying in hotels can get boring the bonus was that often I was not far from a charity shop!


Facing up to an Orchidectomy, also known as Orchiectomy

Why an Orchi offers men so much!

Facing up to an Orchidectomy, also known as Orchiectomy can be worrying for many men. There are three main reasons why you may be preparing yourself for, or considering this surgery. Either you have been diagnosed with testicular or prostate cancer, or possibly you may suffer gender dysphoria.....


Some Tips On Cutting A Wig

Hairdressers are naturally nervous when cutting a wig. Here are some tips.

If you are a qualified hairdresser and have been asked by a client to cut her/his/they (the knowledge of trans pronouns is a lesson for another day) wig, you may well be a tad nervous.  


How To Cope With IPL & Electrolysis Pain

IPL can be painful, as to can electrolysis. Here are some tips.

Many people have to deal with the pain of permanent hair removal. Irrespective of it being by Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Electrolysis there is no gain without the pain


Sex, Gender, Gender Expression and Orientation

The confusing language debunked.

Now to be clear here. I am not a particularly well educated human being, scraping two GCE’s at school and not ever being bright enough to go to university. And people who usually write on sex, gender etc. are of course uni graduates...


Ever Had Your Colours Done? If Not, You Are Missing Out.

Save pounds by knowing what colours to avoid and what colours to buy.

Have you ever bought a top or dress and never worn it? Occasionally it is because it doesn’t fit or look right but often it is down to the colour not working for you. 

We have all got pre-conceived ideas about what works for us regarding style because we know our body shape but what a lot of women and indeed men don’t pick up on is the importance of colour.


How I finally got rid of my Fungal Nail Problem

Fungal Nail: Laser, IPL, UV light, Vicks Vapour Rub, Emtrix and Amorolfine

You can be forgiven by wondering why a trans rights website is writing about fungal nail infection. So let me declare the motive behind my thinking here. Getting shot of a fungal nail is impossible - or so I was told by a highly qualified podiatrist a couple of years ago but she was wrong. 




Love and let live