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Welcome to Steph's Place, a website dedicated to feminist transgender women in the UK.

My website was built during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in April & May of 2020 when I finally realised that the world is becoming a very transphobic place, with horrible things happening in lots of countries, including the UK, USA, and Hungary, to name just three. I fully launched the website via Twitter on the 25th of July.

It was never my intent to build a website; in reality, I just wanted to blend into society and live out my remaining years as an accepted post-op trans woman, going to the shops, improve my sewing and work towards joining a choir. Singing is my passion. 

But as I read more and more, I started to appreciate that my human rights to be a trans woman were not being improved; they were being eroded!

In short, I am facing increased discrimination. 

In the UK, we claim we do not discriminate against people of colour, and we claim we don't discriminate against people who have different sexual orientations. But trans people are often the exception - about 20% of the UK are transphobic, and discrimination occurs on a regular basis.

So much so that a UK trans woman has been accepted for political asylum in New Zealand because the UK is now considered by many other countries a transphobic country. Our international "ranking" as an LGBT+ friendly country slips further down the league table every year.

This is being caused by the UK right-wing press (The Times, The Telegraph and The Spectator in particular), along with their transphobic allies - often "Christian" extremists based in the United States. They make out trans people are evil monsters - that there is an "ideology of being trans" and nothing could be further from the truth.

Trans people are just plain ordinary folk wanting a little space to overcome their problems and be able to live a peaceful life.

The transgender community have been waiting years for a reformed Gender Recognition Act. I campaign for this too, but my priority is acceptance and peace.  

It is essential trans folk make themselves visible to society and demonstrate who we are, and point out the mountain of problems we have to overcome to live a normal life.

I also campaign for women's rights and am against patriarchy which is still prevalent in UK society today. I stand against violence and will be calling out against domestic abuse, which rises every year. I will happily accept stories of others on my website if they want to "call out" against discrimination, abuse, sexism or patriarchy.  

I hope my blog will, over time, build up quality content and comment as I start to expose the shocking injustice trans women suffer in the UK.

I also offer some sensible compromises to concerns gender-critical people may have. I believe the Equality Act should be maintained and that we may all sometimes need safe spaces. 

Another of my passions is trans healthcare which is in disarray in the UK.

Waits can be up to five years on NHS waiting lists before even seeing a specialist. I would highly recommend that any adult transgender person consider the services of GenderGP - a link to their website is HERE.   

I must mention that (in my opinion) dealing with kids is very different.  Girls, in particular, are sometimes not happy with their bodies and see being "male" as their destiny. It is important that kids are seen by highly trained experts in this field, and the Keira Bell case (a natal female who transitioned to male and then de-transitioned because it was the wrong choice for her) proved that kids can make the wrong choice. Equally, I know of many stories of kids (as well as adults) being denied proper medical care and often access to puberty blockers. These stories are truly heartbreaking.  

I also want to mention that the name of my website is not a "rip off" from any opposition group, but I will acknowledge credit to the US transgender help website "Susan's Place" where for over a decade, I found useful advice.  

My gender is a woman.

My sex is a trans woman - (for sure, some male bits but some female bits too!)

The simple fact is that, unlike 99% of the population, I was not born with the privilege of my body being in sync with my brain.

I have had to work my butt off to correct natures mistakes.

Yes, I was once a man, but I have taken the "trans" journey and arrived at my final destination of peaceful womanhood.

Thank you so much for visiting my website, and I hope you find it informative and enjoyable. 

18/5/21 - and now the footnote to the above:.........I have become "We" - today, I am proud to say, Claire, Julie & Paul have joined with me to help achieve our joint aims. Please check out "About Us!

01/09/21 - another "we" - today, we welcome Nicola making us a team of FIVE!   Details of Nicola's CV to follow.


Steph xx

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