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There is strength in numbers and Stonewall are the obvious choice

All people in the LGBTQ+ community need help and support especially when times are really hard. 

Sadly there are some lesbian groups who distance themselves from trans people and this is very sad. All the folks under the LGBTQ+ community still feel discriminated against from time to time and Stonewall are our mutual rock. 

But to protect the LGBTQ+ community Stonewall need funds and though many big businesses give to Stonewall they are "squeezed".  Here is a way you can help at no cost to you!

If you have an Amazon UK account you have the option to donate funds to Stonewall via an Amazon Smile account. Even for an oldie like me, I found it pretty easy to convert, just Google "Amazon Smile" and follow the instructions. 

Make sure though your cookies don't transfer you back to your original account when buying from Amazon, the URL must start smile and in the menu bar, you can see what charity, (hopefully Stonewall) Amazon are donating to. They give a small percentage of the cost of your purchase to Stonewall and it costs you nothing, except 3 minutes of your time. 

If you need help or advice from Stonewall here is a link:        

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