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29th July - Tavistock. A Sobering Thought

By Steph


Gender-critical people and trans people rarely agree - but both "sides" are relieved that Tavi is closing.

The crux, though, is not Tavi; it's puberty blockers. Gender-critical people invariably don't want them used. Trans people want them used much earlier - to be precise, at Tanner Stage Two.

Whatever the rights or wrongs of this debate - I would like to moot a sobering thought.

For every child prescribed puberty blockers via the Tavistock - two babies pass away suffering from SIDS. If you are unaware of what SIDS stands for, it's Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And with better SIDS awareness, SIDS sometimes won't occur. The "golden rules" are on the NHS website.

But newspapers don't print stories about how many babies could be saved - the "trans debate" is seen as much more important. "Wokeness" must be pushed back. "Gender-Ideology" (that doesn't even exist) must be crushed at every cost.

But I have seen nurses cry because a baby can't be saved. I have seen a mother collapse in distress because she has lost her child. I have seen a father cuddle his dead, days-old son and read him a bedtime story to say good-night.

And things like this you don't forget.

Just when are we going to get our priorities right?


Words by Steph

29th July 2022

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