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May 27th. That poll, Liz Truss MP, Fiona Bruce MP & the ADF

Steph's Place Reveals MP's links with the ADF

On Tuesday, Liz Truss gave evidence to the Woman and Equalities Committee in what can only be described as a 'fidgety' performance.

No doubt nervous of the evidence given the previous week, which heavily criticised her, she looked from the very start as she wanted to go to the loo!

If you get the chance to watch Liz Truss's performance, her body language gives so much away!

It became clear that she wanted to avoid the word "trans" and steered questioning away from contentious subjects.

So shortly afterwards, I launched a "no confidence" poll for LGBT+ people to reply. For trans folk (and indeed most LGBT+ together people), we see Liz Truss as an adversary - she is certainly no friend of ours.  Many believe she threatens trans rights but also LGBT+ rights in general. And as for the non-binary folk - they don't even get a look in. 

Clearly, Liz Truss wishes to maintain the mountains of red tape for trans people to jump through to obtain a GRC and ensure that 99% of us dont succeed in getting one - in other words, maintain the status quo. Sure, Truss can spin she reduced the application fee to £5, but when it is virtually impossible for most trans people to get a GRC, what was the point other than political spin?

And the poll refected her unwillingness to even compromise, with 92% of respondents at one point saying they had no confidence in her.

But then a change.

A gender-critical (GC) person high-jacked the poll retweeting and saying to his/her followers, " You know what to do."

Within what appeared seconds (because many GC holds multiple accounts), the poll results changed. Over 100 votes were cast in just a few minutes, and it became clear the poll was compromised, so sadly had to be declared null and void.

I then DM'd a couple of the "new" respondents who had retweeted the poll asking them to confirm they were LGBT+. Sadly to date, I have not had a reply - more on this soon. 

But back to Liz Truss.

Well, we know she is friends with the 'anti-trans' US-based Heritage Foundation because a video of her meeting surfaced in August 2019, heaping praise on them.

Heritage often works hand in hand with the anti-LGBT+ and anti-abortion organisation the ADF.

Regular readers of this website will recall that we exposed the ADF's lobbying in the UK a few weeks ago. Indeed they have an eye-watering UK budget of over half a million pounds.  Click HERE to read our ADF article. 

One of Liz Truss allies is Fiona Bruce, the MP for Congleton. She owns multiple properties in Cheshire and earns vast sums of money.

Capitalism at its worst? 

A link to The Register of Members' Financial Interests of Fiona Bruce MP can be seen by clicking HERE.

Fiona Bruce declares that between the 14th and 18th of April 2019, she was a speaker at an ADF conference in Vienna - the European base for ADF International.

Fiona Bruce was appointed as the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief in December 2020, resulting in over twenty MP's and peers writing to Boris Johnson with Humanist UK saying:

"Humanists UK expressed alarm at her appointment given her record of seeking to undermine the right to freedom of belief of the non-religious, women’s, and LGBT people".

These traits, of course, are the fingerprint of the ADF, the very organisation Mrs Bruce visited with her husband to give that conference speech.

It is noted that Fiona Bruce shares the same beliefs with the ADF about abortion too. The gender-critical, of course, can't get this fact into their heads that after LGBT+ rights are diminished, a woman's right to choose abortion is the next on the agenda!

Can't happen here?

Ask women in dozens of states in the United States. States like Texas, for example, that have followed ADF anti-abortion ideology.

Whilst most ADF International UK Directors are based in Vienna; one is not.

His name is Andrew Kenneth Moore, who declares to Companies House that he is an officer for three business ADF UK, Chorus Network Advisors (company 12771556) and AM Advisors (company 11344769).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Andrew (Andy) Kenneth Moore of the ADF must not be confused with Dr Andrew Moore, an affiliate of Regents Park College. Both Mr Moore's are from the Oxford area. 

I note that Andy's correspondence address immediately changed after I wrote my last bit on the ADF. I wonder why?

Are the stories in this blog going to run?

Yep - more to be revealed in the coming days, and oh my goodness, it's mega juicy.

And they call us sex predators!


Authored by Steph. @PlaceSteph

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