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The Cisgender Dilemma

by Co-Editor Claire

Recently, I read yet another “article” by a cisgender about trans people.

As expected, it was full of misconceptions, half-truths and lies.

As usual, it also proposed a number of “solutions” to the “transgender question”, which, when decoded from the reactionary language that is frighteningly reminiscent of white supremacy, fascism and antisemitism, basically boiled down to one thing.


“If you’re transgender, submit or else.”


Which is par for the course for the overeducated, over-opinionated, but ultimately ignorant middle-class Neo-Nazis that write this garbage.

At first, I was angry. Actually, that doesn’t adequately describe it. Incandescent is closer. Coronal Mass Ejection event is almost there. You get the idea.

But it got me thinking, especially about the cisgenders. And it is really cisgenderism that is the problem at the heart of the “Trans War”.

And much as I love cisgenders - indeed, many of my friends are cisgender, and the absolute love of my life is one - the problem is, ultimately, that cisgenders as a group cannot be trusted.

Not just with anything to do with transgender people - but with anything.


I call this problem “The Cisgender Dilemma”, although I considered calling it “The Big Cissue” for a while.


Why does this problem exist?

Ultimately, because the cisgenders believe themselves to be so secure in their identities that they never question them, indeed, their identities appear to be so well integrated with their anatomy that many claim they have no identity at all.

However, This complete lack of self-reflection results in overconfidence and a desire to assert themselves in an attempt to secure resources and a reproductive partner that borders on the pathological.


This overconfidence, coupled with a fetishistic obsession with reproduction, can best be described as "Cisgenderism"


Cisgenderism is the root cause of every problem facing humanity. From climate change to war, racism to genocide, religion to atheism - the Cisgender Dilemma lies at the heart of every major challenge we face as a species.


I have identified several aspects of the cisgender psyche that are fundamental to this problem, and I shall address these, along with some compromise solutions, below.



A foundational aspect of the Cisgender Dilemma is the compulsion to reproduce.

The cisgenders have an innate, uncontrollable need to procreate, and this need is one of the causes of the multiple issues facing humanity. Because it is uncontrollable, it leads to cisgenders having multiple offspring far in excess of that needed for population replacement, often by seeking coupling outside of their mutually agreed bonding pairs.

This, in turn, places incredible pressures on every other aspect of society, from food production and housing to employment and the environment.


Simply put, the cisgender compulsion for exponential reproductive growth places exponential strain on finite resources. And this strain is directly responsible for climate change via the insatiable demand for energy, which in turn is driven by the need for food and shelter, and increasingly, comforts.


Additional resources are also diverted to “educate” the cisgenders offspring - a task which only has two objectives - to provide unquestioning replacement resource gatherers and to keep their offspring away from their cisgender birth parents for as much time as possible each day - because for all the protestations of "love", many cisgenders cannot stand to be around their own progeny for any length of time.


Indeed, cisgender reproductive pairings are often completely devoid of emotional attachment or turn into mutual hatred over time. They refer to the reproductive act as "lovemaking" but are physically unable to manifest that emotion in comparison to transgender people.

They also devise arcane rituals such as ‘marriage’, designed to lock the participants together until one finally succumbs to the emotional void that is cisgender pair bonding and dies from neglect.

Then they tell themselves stories about how “love conquers all” and “true love” in an attempt to distract themselves from the awful truth of their cold, emotionless lives and relationships.


Even more resources are expended on ever elaborate means to keep the cisgenders alive for as long as possible, placing long term strain on resources already at breaking point.

What is the compromise to this reproductive compulsion? It is actually quite simple, elegant, cost-effective, and ensures the long term survival of humanity.


Firstly, mandatory, lifelong birth control measures need to be introduced for all cisgenders.

Second, all cisgenders will be assigned a permanent pairing based on societal rather than personal need. Pairings will be defined, time-limited and allocated by an impartial panel of transgender judges.

Third, all cisgender reproductive activity outside of approved pairings would be made illegal. Breaking the law in this area will result in the permanent removal of reproductive privileges, up to and including enforced sterility & celibacy.

Fourth, only approved, bonded pair cisgenders can apply for a reproductive permit before bearing offspring. The permit application must contain a body of evidence spanning a minimum of two years that proves the compulsion to reproduce exists, physical and psychological medical reports from at least two qualified medical professionals trained in evaluating psychosexual reproductive desire, and a legal declaration that they will bear full social, housing and resource responsibility for the offspring until they reach maturity at age 25. The permit application will be assessed by a panel of impartial transgender judges, and the verdict will be final, with no right to appeal. Where cisgenders are unable to reproduce via standard biological process, various medical interventions may be utilised. Currently, most of these interventions are still experimental, and their long term risks are unknown - so the wait for accessing assessment for this treatment can be in excess of 5 years.


Only by controlling the cisgender reproductive urge can we even begin to tackle the many issues plaguing humanity.


Economics, Governance & Social Systems

As previously mentioned, the compulsion for exponential reproductive growth is reflected in both cisgender economic and governance systems.


While the cisgenders have adopted a number of systems over the centuries, by far the most damaging is “free market capitalism” - a system that mirrors the rapacious nature of the cisgender reproductive drive to such an extent that it actively uses competition between excess cisgenders at the bottom of the economic pyramid to both drive down costs in the form of lower wages, and increase profits for those at the top to provide greater resources for their “needs”. Other systems, such as socialism and communism, attempt to address this symptom but do not attempt to address the root cause - cisgenders themselves.


Likewise, this compulsion manifests in the many different attempts at governance systems by cisgenders. Democracy, in its many guises, attempts to place restrictions on some of the worst excesses and problems caused by the Cisgender Dilemma via negotiated agreements that inconvenience as few cisgender lives as possible while allocating resources to as many cisgender needs as they can get away with.


However, democracy is ultimately a failure due to the inherent untrustworthiness of cisgenders.


This is easily evidenced by the frequency of underhanded methods to discredit opponents and manipulation or circumvention of rules to provide additional in group resources, which in turn leads to ever more elaborate rules woven into a complex web that rapidly metastasizes into a rigid socioeconomic system.

Other governance systems fare no better - monarchies, autocracies, theocracies, and dictatorships have all been tried as well, removing negotiated agreements and replacing them with absolute directives - with similar, often catastrophic results.

Between economic and governance failures, cisgenders do massive harm not just to the planet but other cisgenders - and this is a both a design feature and a major flaw. It is, however, clear that cisgenders are completely incapable of either economic or social governance.

What is the compromise here? Ultimately this is a much more complex area, but at its heart, the only solutions are to remove all cisgenders from positions of social, economic or political influence and replace them with impartial transgender people instead.


Violence & Crime

Another aspect of The Cisgender Dilemma is that of violence.

Binary male and female cisgenders both display a capacity of violence that is almost completely absent among transgender people.

Frequently, this capacity is utilised to secure resources - channelling an innate talent for violence into a perceived advantage.

Often it is used individually, removing resources from other cisgenders in a socially negative phenomenon known as "crime". It is so prevalent that even more resources are devoted to managing this almost exclusively cisgender issue, resulting in police, lawyers, judges, prisons and arcanely complex legal systems.


The rates of cis on cis violence are at epidemic levels.


Frequently, violence is used in conjunction with the cisgenders gaining power and influence (such as political power), and used to divert resources dedicated to the public need in order to enrich themselves via underhanded and illegal means.

This is a twinned phenomenon known as “corruption” and “cronyism” that usually exists in a symbiotic relationship, and is observed in all situations where cisgenders gain power.

It is most easily identifiable on the “right” of the political spectrum and appears to be particularly endemic within socially conservative political movements, especially those that intersect with religion and social class. It has also been identified in other political movements, spanning the political spectrum.


A number of possible compromise solutions present themselves in order to address the issues created by cisgenderism driven criminality and bad behavior.


For example, all cisgenders could be subject to a mandatory curfew between 7pm and 7am.

All cisgenders should be placed on a national list and be required to wear a tracking device at all times.

And due to their propensity for perpetuating online abuse, internet and communication device access could be severely restricted for cisgenders. This could mean only allowing access to approved sites and complete removal of social media access. All communications could be logged and monitored for signs of cisgenderism driven criminal behaviour.

And as mentioned previously, cisgenders should be removed from all positions of social and economic power due to the risk of corruption and cronyism.



It is clear that, as I have detailed in this piece, cisgenderism is the existential threat facing humanity and the planet today - our survival as a species depends on addressing “The Cisgender Dilemma".


And transgender people are the only ones who can resolve this.


We know better than cisgenders do because we’re unbiased. We can view these issues from a position outside of the failed systems the cisgenders and rampant cisgenderism have created and create solutions that benefit everyone instead.


These compromises will only work if transgender people do the responsible thing for humanity & the planet - and selflessly assume the burdens of power.


It’s for your own good.


Note: In case you hadn't caught on, yes, this is a satire piece based on the many, many proposed “compromise solutions” cisgender people keep throwing out there with regards to trans rights, lives and healthcare, using the same kinds of language and "debate" directed at trans people.

If you’re offended by that or find it uncomfortable - maybe it’s because that's how you talk or think about trans people.

And if you treat this as anything other than parody - you should probably give your head a good wobble.


Authored by Claire  Twitter: @ClaireExists

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