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3rd May. The David Bell Article

The Tavi whistleblower and Rachel Cooke's report

Yesterday saw an article from Rachel Cooke centred on David Bell, formerly of Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. David Bell was the "whistleblower" who informed all & sundry that "Tavi", as we tend to call it, was not fit for purpose.

Hardly "news" - NHS trans healthcare (both kids and adult) has been badly broken for the best part of a decade.

I don't mean to get personal by saying this - but I am not sure Rachel was the best person to write this article. The very fact that she openly declares that she receives numerous emails from him suggests a bit of a bias. I also note that Eloise Freja, strongly disputes his figures regarding how many staff were in agreement with his views, plus some other issues too. 

That said, the only other issue I would mention that rang alarm bells was that her article used the phrase "trans ideology", and as a trans person, that sort of language indicates just one thing - a word beginning with "t" and ending with "f."

Not Rachel, I hasten to add, but certainly somewhere within GIDS.

And that's not healthy.

Rachel's piece is undoubtedly long, well written and yes to us trans folk of interest, but what do we learn new?

Very little.

We know from an FOI that Bell never worked with trans kids, and while he certainly had inside knowledge equally, much of his evidence is based on hearsay and gossip. I do not doubt he is and was well-intentioned - we all seek the truth, we all want what is best for kids.

And here perhaps is where we have a big issue with the gender crits. They think we want to trans kids (hence the phrase "trans ideology") - when the simple truth is we dont.

For who in their right mind would want to put kids through what we suffered and suffer daily? Hated, misunderstood and rejected.

And to be honest, this is pretty much my blog. Not much more than 300 short words - one of the quickest ever. I almost feel guilty publishing it, but the truth is Rachel's article was a non-event for me. Just a list of grievances and moans - the sort of internal gripes we all had in our working life. 

Except perhaps for one key sentence from Mr Bell that of “We do not know why this is happening.”

Bell was referring to the number of natal females suddenly saying they are trans; he also mentioned that kids seem rehearsed. So to give this blog some value, perhaps I can moot a couple of answers because the truth is medicine is not an exact science, and doctors get it wrong. I can give two classic examples of this. Firstly, there was a time many doctors were telling us smoking was good for us, and secondly, there was a time they told us it was best to lay newborn babies on their tummies. In both cases, the exact opposite was the truth.

So to reply to David Bell - yes, kids may well seem rehearsed - that is because psychiatrists are too thick not to realise that the internet exists and that THEY dont change the questions!

And concerning not knowing why more kids (especially girls) are gender-questioning, I can offer three suggestions.

Firstly, as mentioned, kids can get info from the internet, so are in advance of us oldies who had to scrape around to get info.

Secondly, are the numbers really that big? There are 12.6 million kids in the UK just now, and if 1% are trans, that equates to 126,000 kids. GIDS has just 4000 on their books, so where are the other 122,000?

And finally, the gender crits invariably suggest the reason is "social contagion", and I honestly, yes, honestly - dont think that is the case.

The reason why David Bell (and others) are not finding answers is simply because they are not looking in the right place.

Just as we have changed the planet by what we have burned, we have changed our bodies - and yes, our brains - by what we eat.

We are what we eat and perhaps surprising to many - we don't just eat food. 

Do you smell a new investigative article?

Yep - you are right.

Oh, and just to mention - this is just up my street!

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