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17th November. The Drop a Dress Size Challenge.

Update on the diet.


I blogged on the 4th of November about the drop a dress size challenge. Now just over two and a half weeks in from when I started I thought I should do a quick update. Sara started her official 'shred' yesterday, and I stepped up by completing a 5+ mile bike ride on my exercise bike plus a 2.25-mile power walk. I also completed some press-ups (well five), some sit-ups (dont ask) and some planks (I did get over a minute on two).

Breakfast was two green teas and an apple, lunch a mushroom and carrot omelette with asparagus spears, dinner sea bass with green salad and potatoes plus some strawberries with yoghurt just to finish off. Other liquid intake was two coffees, one pint of water, plus some "Options" hot chocolate before an early bed. I weighed yesterday morning as well - 80.5kg, a loss of 1.4kg (about 3lb).

I do feel a bit slimmer and am now ready to step up another gear so will be starting at about 5:30 every morning, initially with a bike ride in the semi-dark to music from Elgar, Wagner, Rachmaninov and my favourite rock band Queen. I love music; I always find it inspires me. 

Jen (my wife) on the other hand is no great lover, so I leave her in bed to snore while I 'skip' (crawl) to a spare room we have downstairs that we use for a junk (I mean exercise) room. Then to stomach exercises in the lounge, a shower and then a 'power walk' with Jen at about 7.30.

Hoping by next Monday to be down to under 80kg - time will tell, but I am really up for this and plan the same routine (or more) for the next 20 days.

Just a quick P.S - the above obviously referred to yesterday. I crashed this morning with my bike performance nowhere near my best , but I gave it everything. The planks were a tad better but obviously, I am burning body fat so performance will not be as good in the short term. My clothes just stuck to me after all the exercise, I did have to peel them off - not pleasant but I will not stop.  

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