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The National Day of Transphobia

by Nikki Baxter

Thanks to The Mail, Sunday is becoming "The National Day of Transphobia" in the U.K.

The Mail ON Sunday demonises trans people… I've often referred to Sundays as being Britain's Day of Transphobia, precisely because this bigoted publication publishes anti-trans articles on that day. But don't take my word for it, have a look - and articles are ALWAYS gender-critical - the view they try to enforce is that trans women are NOT women… they are fetishising and predatory men who abuse 'real women' and try to 'trans' kids.

In other words, we're nothing more than rapists and paedophiles.

Looking back in history, these were the same horrific lies told about gay people, and it's taken a LONG time for that to change. But someone somewhere decided that trans people were bottom of the food chain… a group of people who want to be respected and allowed to live a life free from hate, but no - it's our turn to be bullied now.

And are we allowed to speak out?

No… the so-called 'trans issue' is always debated by those who are not trans - articles rarely give Us the opportunity to be heard - it's so much easier that way!

Although that's totally ludicrous - we're accused of trying to silence or 'erase' women, yet we aren't allowed to defend ourselves or give our views.

Trans people don't matter.

And the more they reinforce that, the more we are at risk - more people WILL attack us verbally and physically.

In the last year, 375 trans people have been murdered worldwide - this is the highest it's ever been. And the media have blood on their hands here - attack us, and they give society the green light to attack us because many people will accept their 'facts'.

The whole recent BBC article highlighted has now been debunked.

A minority group of lesbians spoke against us, one of which, Lily Cade, described trans women as being "evil paedophiles" and adding: "If you left it up to me, I'd execute every last one of them personally."

That was on her personal website and has now been removed, but not before the damage had been done!

Also, reference to London Pride 2015 is used in the article - that year, a group of radical feminists barged in and caused mayhem in promoting their horrific anti-trans views. What the article doesn't say is that this group are a MINORITY and, as such, are loathed by many from the LGBTQ+ community.

Need proof?

Look up 'L With The T' - so many lesbian members of our community support us - again, something the media doesn't share because it doesn't fit in with their narrative.

I'd personally like to see 2022 as being the year we FINALLY get to live our authentic lives happily and free from hate! 

Will this happen? 

Almost certainly -  sadly... not. 

Authored by Nikki Baxter

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