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June 14th: Opinion. The Sunday Times Leaks Proposed GRA Changes

Democracy?...what democracy.

When I launched my website, I came up with a few self-imposed rules. One of them was to try and stay politically neutral as possible, but today's news makes that aim very difficult. 

All the major political parties in the UK have LGBT+ wings, and all condemned the Liz Truss speech given on the 22nd of April.

But news broke today that despite a public consultation showing around 70% of participants being in favour of self ID or/and making the reformed Gender Recognition Act easier to access the Conservative party has decided to walk with the 30% minority. 

Democracy? ...what democracy? 

I guess we should not be surprised.

The Conservatives have a vast majority and can push through whatever they want in particular given the blanket of COVID-19 and Brexit. If Labour had not a wishy-washy Brexit position in the last election together with a leader who many could not see as a Prime Minister, we might not be in this position we are today. 

But we are where we are, and today, even with Kier Starmer in charge we are uncertain what Labour's position will be.

Traditionally Labour, of course, has been the LGBT+ friend.  They repealed Section 28, equalled the age of consent, created civil partnerships and extended adoption rights to LGBT+ people. 

All these actions have proved both popular to the broader public and exceedingly fruitful. 

But we have not lost yet.

And even if we do lose this battle, given time I am confident we will win the war. Why? ...because the trans genie is out of the bottle. The restrictions likely to be put on us are coming from an old generation who have completely messed up dealing with COVID-19, messed up race relations, messed up Brexit and have no serious plan to deal with climate change.

But as I read more and more, I see a new young, strong generation emerging, that takes trans rights together with race relations and climate change much more seriously. 

And right will prevail. 

I can but apologise that my generation has got things so badly wrong. 

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