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10th July. Time for The Times to Time Out.

Why is The Times making trans folk lives difficult?

I notice yet again The Times is making trans folk subject of a headline today.

This time they are reporting that the BBC has suggested, quite correctly in my view, that their staff may prefer a different pronoun if they identify differently to the norm. 

And what's the harm in that?

People have the human right to identify and change their names however they wish and if The Times editor wants to change his/her/they name to Loopybunny Lovekins ...well that is their right. 

With people starving, losing their jobs and being murdered because of their religion, sexuality, colour or gender identity just why do an alleged "serious newspaper" make the tiny courtesy of pronouns, suggested by the BBC HR department, a front-page issue?

The Times is, of course, a Rupert Murdoch newspaper and has sadly gone downhill since his takeover. Are they trying for the "Gutter Newspaper of the Year Award"? 

Hopefully, not...they are still a tad behind The Daily Mail for that prestigious honour, I would suggest. 

But The Times is undoubtedly "ramping it up" against trans folk, and this is obviously a Murdoch policy given what The Sunday Times has been writing against trans folk in recent weeks. 

It is challenging for trans folk to live in peace when the media (and gender-critical) keeps hounding us.

If a person identifies to a new gender, identity or changes name or pronoun that is their right, it hurts no one, and it does not merit an inch of the column in any newspaper - including The Times. 

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