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14th March. Time to go

Why Patel, Dick, Truss and Badenoch must resign.

So yesterday I called for the resignation of four women, three in government and a senior police officer.

I would like to see them all replaced with women who have one gift that women usually express in abundance - empathy.

Sadly in the case of these four women, empathy seems to be missing. They have failed women, they have failed LGBT+ people. All four must go - and go soon. 


Cressida Dick - You are not to blame that it would appear one of your officers abducted and killed Sarah Everard. But, you are responsible for your officers' terrible actions invading a vigil site and attacking women. You are also responsible that in London (like elsewhere) women are not safe to walk the streets. 

Time to go.

Priti Patel - The way you treat people who spend years trying to reach the UK, risking their lives in tiny boats for a safe life, is shocking. And tomorrow, you are presenting a bill to Parliament to stifle protest - the right to demonstrate is part of a democratic process. This Act is not acceptable. You are also responsible that women can not walk the streets at night in the UK safely. 

Time to go.

Liz Truss - I wrote on the 24th of May 2020 that Boris Johnson was expecting too much from you - and yes, in regards to your position of Secretary of State for International Trade, you are fine. But, this position creates a conflict of interest regarding your position of Minister for Women and Equalities. You have met with the Heritage Foundation, for God sake! You have failed to push through meaning reform of the Gender Recognition Act, and in the last few days, THREE LGBT+ advisors have walked out of their positions because of your ignorance. You have failed to deal with conversion therapy. Women are not safe to walk the streets. You should be working on sorting this out - but no -you are high tailing it all over the world, sorting out trade deals. Just stick to ONE job.

Time to go.

Kemi Badenoch - Like Liz Truss you have failed LGBT+ people very badly. In fact more than that. You insult LGBT+ people.

Time to go.

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