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19th March. Time to re-evaluate

The problem is not trans women - it is men

It's been a tough week or so, the murder of Sarah Everard and the response from the met police taking centre stage. Just for once, the gender-critical and trans spoke with one voice. Women must be protected.

The question is, how?

A few, perhaps not so gender-critical folk, had a lightbulb moment. The problem is not trans women - it is men. Whatever issue we all look at, men are behind the problem. As many who follow my blog will know, trans people in sport is one of my favourite subjects - how I would love to take on Piers Morgan, but given he is out of TV in the UK, that is not likely to happen. By the way - Piers Morgan is a man too!

But instead of harping on today about the injustice of trans folk in sport, another issue hit my ever whirling brainbox.

Male sex offenders.

Because these damn perverts are everywhere - but unlike genuine (note the word genuine) trans women, they dont wear a dress. They wear dog collars, suits or tracksuits. Heck, why all the hassle to wear a dress when you can look "ordinary."

Wanting to get close to kids and women - they will do anything to achieve their goal.

In the US, there are some states considering banning trans girls from school and college sport. A video of Brandon Boulware, a Christian, son of a Methodist minister and lawyer in Missouri, went viral when appealing to legislators not to take away his trans daughter's sporting rights. I am not surprised it went viral - it made me cry, but I digress.

You can see the video by clicking here

But what has hardly been reported is something that we all ignore - those damn sex offenders in sport. And I would moot they are one hell of a more problem than a trans woman playing volleyball. Women should not be worried about the odd trans participant - look at all the sports coaches, for God's sake! Those trusted ones that smile and take you into their confidence are the problem.

Men - (yes, that word again), like Larry Nassar.

He was convicted of rape in the US and accused of assaulting 265 girls as young as six!

His victims included Olympic gold-medal gymnasts McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, and Simone Biles. Oh, and let's not forget John Geddert. He was the head coach of the 2012 gold-medal women’s US, Olympic gymnastics team. He had just been charged with human trafficking and sex crimes against girls as young as 13 but, rather than face justice, took his own life in February 2021. Yes- a few short weeks ago.

And in 2019, Mary Cain, the youngest US runner to make a World Championships team, accused Nike coach Alberto Salazar of physical and psychological abuse. 

And while invariably these sex perverts are attracted to girls - in the UK only recently we have seen men (yes, that word again) wanting to get there grubby little bits on boys too.

And it was not just the local sports coach and the village football team - we are talking professional clubs and coaches like Barry Bennell (Crewe), Bob Higgins (Southampton), Eddie Heath (Chelsea) - I could go on and on, but for those in a hurry I will spare you the details. For the dedicated, a link is at the bottom of this page with details of all twenty-nine of them.

Yes, twenty-nine men in professional football alone! God knows how many of them are in amateur football, amateur sport - deviously pursuing girls and boys.

And you worry about a trans woman running 400 metres?

And the common denominator to the above blog (as if you did not know). 

Men, men, men. Of course, not just in sport, but everywhere - often in the home, where women are abused, raped and murdered invariably by a man they know.

That damn sex - men.

That sex that - other bonafide trans women and I reject with every ounce of blood in our bodies - we did not ask to be male, we were lumped in with that rotten sex!

Time to re-evaluate priorities gender-crits?

Who really are the problem?

Trans women or men?

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