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Trans and having issues finding medical help? Try GenderGP

I don't know where I would be today without the help and assistance of GenderGP.

Run by Drs Helen and Mike Webberley their helpful trans services have gone global in the last couple of years and judging from their Google reviews the experience I received has been replicated over and over again. 

It's perhaps true to say GenderGP are not loved by the established gender services. I can but assume they are envious of their success. I can only say as I find, and they would always be my first port of call irrespective of age or gender direction.

GenderGP boasts an array of specialists and offers a fully comprehensive service from diagnosis, blood tests, hormones and even speech therapy.  I can't praise them enough.  

Going via the NHS can be difficult. Waiting times for the first appraisal can mean a wait of between three and five years depending on the area of the UK you live. Some GP's are not very co-operative either but there is a website that does list GP's known to be helpful to trans folk. It is by no means a complete list but could prove useful to some. Here is a link:

 You may also find help from this website:


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