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January 1st. What is Trans Ideology?

The gender critical often use the term 'trans ideology' but no one knows what this means.

When I read the term 'trans ideology' I become somewhat confused.

I certainly understand 'trans' for I am a rather old trans woman and I know about ideologies too for I have seen at first hand the remnants of communism and nazi ones. But 'trans ideology' now there is a thing - for I am not an ideal or an idea, which is what an ideology is - I am a person.

All trans people are people, and there is no one format that we are united on any more than the rest of society. Rich, poor, left or to the right, the term 'trans ideology' is a myth. Propagated by the transphobic gender-critical and preached to their foot soldiers - invariably survivors of violence, abuse or patriarchy.

The gender-critical claim that we are a risk to the normative. That as a tiny minority of just one per cent, we are out to poison the ninety-nine per cent with radical ideas to turn boys into girls, girls into boys. That we will erase lesbians and women, turn single-sex changing rooms into just changing rooms and, because of us, that men will frequent the ladies loo on an ongoing basis. What utter rubbish that all is. 

And of course, they also claim we have a master - Stonewall.

An organisation which I do not feel represents me very well at all - because while LGB people are widely accepted in UK society, we marginalised "T's" are left twenty years behind. Stonewall has, so far at least, failed trans folk. Unlike Belgium, that boasts a trans women Deputy Prime Minister, we have never even had one trans MP. Forty-five LGB MP's for sure - but not one trans MP.

Trans people are amongst the most vulnerable in society.

Invariably we are not represented in board rooms, councils or government. But we are bullied by the gender-critical, perhaps not the trans men so much for the cis-hetero man could not give a damn about sharing space or acceptance. There are no men forming Fair Play for Men or Men's Place UK.

Trans women though suffer much more from the ridiculous phrase 'trans ideology' - invented by the transphobic and gender-critical to purposely designed to create a wave of false fear that men in dresses are going to take over their world! 

So the next time you see on Twitter or Mumsnet or in the media, and by that, I mean The Times, The Sunday Times, The Spectator, The Christian Institute, LGB Alliance, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph that tag line "trans ideology" let's remember this is falsehood like no other.

We are not an ideology - we are people!

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