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26th May 2020. Opinion: A Trans reply to Caroline ffiske & The Conservative Woman

Beautifully written but what about our kids self harm & suicides Caroline?

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Today I picked up on an article in The Conservative Woman written by Caroline ffriske.

To its credit, it is well written and to the uninitiated, makes a somewhat convincing case against Stonewall activities, a charity that I, of course, support.

However, I do have problems of my own in regards to Caroline's attack on Stonewall.

She seems to think Stonewall is out to corrupt kids minds when it is pretty obvious to me their real intent is to tell kids it is ok to talk about gender diversity. I am not suggesting promoting kids to become trans. If that occurs that must come naturally and in the child's time.

I trust Stonewall.

And if Stonewall is working in an area, I am pretty sure they know what they are doing... because their staff and supporters have kids too!

Then clicking on her name on her article, I came up with a myriad of articles written for The Conservative Woman pretty much all on the issues of gender and with a specific agenda of not being more research required on this front. 

The one thing that hit me when I read her article was the lack of empathy her whole article portrays. It is almost like Caroline is in denial. 

No mention about those kids who get depressed because of gender problems. No word about the self-harm they do to themselves. No mention of the number of trans kids who try to commit suicide and indeed no mention of the kids who do commit suicide.
Further, there is no mention about the parents of trans kids and the pain that they suffer having to deal with all of the above.

If I am honest, I find Caroline's article depressingly cold.

It is almost the case that Caroline believes that trans kids do not exist!

I can understand some of the points she raises, but I can but assume she knows very little if anything at all about trans kids or their parents.

Because if she did, she most certainly would not write in such a heartless way.



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