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12th March. Trans, sex offenders and prisons.

Why the stats don't tell the real story.

I have two passions in life.

One is singing, and under my singing teacher's supervision, on Wednesday, I recorded "I Dreamed a Dream" for an online singing festival. Sadly, on playing it back, it is pretty naff (sad face).

But with my writing, my other passion, I have a little more success.

I was offered my first ever writing commission a couple of weeks ago. It was on the back of my article "Trans & Sport", that has been an enormous hit. Google Analytics tells me 26% of people visiting my website read this article, and I know it is being quoted from Australia to the States. Unlike Piers Morgan's articles about trans folk in sport, The Daily Mail won't be publishing my side of the coin though - it dont fit with their, or indeed other newspapers, narrative. 

But my next major article is on a far more thorny subject - trans offending and prisons. Stats often quoted paint a very grim picture, especially around trans sex offenders, which are in terms of ratio to other crimes, appears to be very high.

I hope to write the article over Easter - but will not do it until all my research is completed.

Several things are becoming apparent, though. One is that cisgender sex offenders (who may also cross-dress from time to time) are self-id ing as trans. A typical example would be Karen White, an individual who the trans community loathe and was placed in the female prison estate, causing huge anti-trans headlines in the UK press.

There are many advantages to why some cisgender sex offenders, who are known to be highly manipulative, say they are trans.

One is for their own safety - not being close to non-sex offending male prisoners is a bonus. Let's face it; sex offenders are the lowest of the low and in prison; who wants to declare "they are in for raping a woman?" Saying you are trans initially offers a degree of personal safety. Trans prisoners are normally "syphoned off."

Then there are all the "extra privileges" trans prisoners are allowed - makeup, and the like - useful "currency" inside a prison. A currency that can buy sex from a genuine trans woman who has had full sex assignment surgery.

And this is the main reason why the sex offender who knows all the ropes self -id's as trans - access to bonafide trans women. Many know they will not get access to natal females - but getting access to trans women is the next best option and is very easy.

They just say, "I am trans."

The sad fact is that the UK prison authorities dont have the expertise to weed out the liars from the bonafide trans - which, according to my information, account for just 30% - 33% of the sex offenders in prison today.

In reality, this is not surprising. The prison service psychologists rarely come across a trans offender - there are dozens of prisons but only thirty-five or so new trans inmates each year. While a few prisons have segregated areas for trans prisoners, with just around 130 trans prisoners in the prison system, they represent only a tiny proportion of around 80,000 cisgender prisoners.

The actual percentage is just 0.16% - yes, it is genuinely that low! 

Way under one per cent!

About 13,350 of the 80,000 prison population are sex offenders, 60 identify as trans - in truth, about 20 are bonafide trans. The newspapers and gender-critical love talking about the trans prisoners, though, not the 13,000+ cisgender MEN sex offenders. 

Let me repeat that word - MEN!

Strange that - eh? 

Lots of talk about trans sex offenders in the press - but MEN? sex offenders... well, just now and again. 

And who controls the press? - ops that word again MEN - let's all go to the pub. 

And is this little blog a "taster" for what is to come - oh yes - it most certainly is!

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