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July 2nd: Exactly One Year On From My Surgery And The Music Will be Loud!

My love for music and the LGBT music greats.

I am writing this on the first anniversary of my surgery - which in "My Story" I describe as the best day of my life. I know full well of course that biologically no surgery is going to convert me to how I should have been, but the bonus is I no longer feel something is alien about my person. 

I have never believed in the binary. Life is far too diverse for the binary to be real, and I genuinely feel very sorry for people who have such a closed mind. 

So on my sex birthday, this blog is going to be very short and sweet for today is my music day!

I am passionate about classical music and in particular the music of Elgar, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. My very favourite piece though is "Rach 2"...Rachmaninov's piano concerto number 2 performed by the wonderful Anna Fedorova who I had the immense pleasure to hear at a concert in London last year. 

But I am not just into classical music. Queen is king and how I miss Freddie Mercury. 

Freddie, of course, had gender issues of his own; (sorry if the pronoun is wrong, Freddie, but I do love you). Like my favourite composers, Freddie and Queen will live in history for centuries to come.

Freddie, of course, was into opera and shared his LGBT+ identity with other music greats like Tchaikovsky, Handel, Britten, Shubert, Copland and Barber. 

How the world would miss us if LGBT+ did not exist!

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