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Electrolysis: It is vitally important you choose an operator who is qualified.

The chances are every trans woman who wants to look feminine will need electrolysis and finding a qualified practitioner is vital.

Get it wrong and it's your face that will be scarred for life, not theirs so please please please go for the best, not the cheapest.

At the best of times electrolysis is uncomfortable and in certain areas incredibly painful so again there is good reason to choose the practitioner with care as the ones with the most experience will know ways how to minimise the pain to some extent though in certain areas only a pain-killing injection is likely to be of any help at all and few practitioners will be able to offer you this. 

When I knew I was in for a painful session I would take both paracetamol and ibuprofen for a day or two before so to get a build-up and eventually my lovely GP prescribed high strength co-codamol which replaces the paracetamol. 

Obviously, take care of dosage and timings and do not overdose.

Try and stay relaxed when in session and having your favourite music on really does help. If you are having full bottom surgery all of your "privates" will all most certainly have to be cleared of hair and understandably many practitioners do not feel comfortable in doing this work.

A full list of practitioners who are qualified are on the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis website and those prepared to do sensitive work are shown as SRS.   

Here is the link:

Addition: If you live in the Newcastle area one of our lovely followers on Twitter has recommended Dudley Court Beauty Salon, which is trans-friendly and gives an excellent all-round beauty service including electrolysis.  Here is a link to their website:



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