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Everyday Make-up

The beauty Industry offers hundreds of brands. Here are my everyday favourites.

I just love make-up and am addicted to looking at all the beauty counters when I am out shopping.

We all have our favourite make-up brands, though, and I am no different from any other woman in that respect. 

Make-up is an art in its own right, and anyone who says different just doesn't know what they are talking about!  I am pretty much a two brand woman, and in my images, I have used bare Minerals powder foundation mixed with a Maybelline (a L'Oreal brand) cream. My eye shadow and lipstick also comes from Maybelline. 

For everyday use, I usually use Bare Minerals because a close friend and beauty expert informed me it was best for my skin. I use powder from their "Ready" range which very, unfortunately, they discontinued a year or so back but I bought loads from eBay and still got a couple of years supply! 

Occasionally, I will use a Maybelline liquid if we are going out in the evening, it does give a more finished look but can also go shinny if I get too hot, so I am always careful what foundation to wear. I do heavily contour because I don't like my square face too much, but equally, I know for a 68-year old I rub up reasonably well. For contouring, I use Bareskin from bare Minerals which they market as a concealer.  

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