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Laser & IPL

If you need to remove hair Laser & IPL may work for you.

Many trans and indeed cis women want to remove hair and laser, or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) often works well.

There are also many more practitioners but do ensure you go to a reputable salon and bear in mind that you will likely need several treatments in any body area to work.  Also, your skin colour and hair colour will be essential factors concerning both eligibility and success. 

Laser & IPL works best if you have dark hair and light skin colour. It often can't be done on dark skin as it can cause severe burns.

I tried several salons, and in the main, I felt most were very good, but you do need to beware that there can be significant differences in costs. 

When I got towards the end of my salon visits, I discovered the home device from Philips called "Lumea IPL".  They cost around £325, but to my surprise, it worked exceptionally well, and I would certainly recommend buying one.  

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