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17th February. Smeared.

The gender-critical and their campaign to twist statistics.

Twitter is renowned as a chamber of hate, and for sure, some people can only take the self-imposed stress for short periods. Many good folks, with the best of intentions, are driven from it altogether - more recently Munroe Bergdorf.  

Compared to most, I probably deal with hate better than most - but one issue is sure to rile me more than any other. That is being indirectly accused of being a predator, sex offender or abuser of women. I usually dont "bite" but within 48 hours two of my gender-critical followers, (I would argue much more reasonable and decent than most) posted images of trans sex offenders, and quite understandably I am upset by it. 

I know lots of trans folks want to retaliate by posting images of Myria Hindley et al - because for sure there are lots of cis-gender sex offenders as well, both male and female.

The last stats I looked at stated there were 13,359 sex offenders in England and Wales and just 60 were trans. In percentage terms that is only 0.45% - and as trans folk are believed to be about 1% of the population, we offend less than cis-gendered people.

However, stats (which happen to be a strong point of mine) can always be "manipulated to work an advantage" - there is invariably an opening somewhere to provide a counter-argument. Indeed Fair Play for Women did precisely that - using the fact that overall trans offending is incredibly low, they could argue (mathematically correctly) that trans women convicted of sex offences - in terms of percentage against other crimes, was high. 

When used in this way, as a percentage, women are quite naturally horrified. Fair Play for Women (who should be renamed Unfair) decided to "forget" the 13,299 cis-gendered sex offending prisoners, some of whom are the worst abusers, rapists and murderers on the planet. The actual stats that I have are these, regarding trans women :

  • There are currently 130 trans prisoners in England & Wales.
  • 60 (46%) are sex offenders.
  • 19 (15%) are in the women's estate.
  • 111 (85%) are in men's estate
  • A trans woman prisoner attacks a natal female prisoner on average once in two years. 
  • A natal male prisoner attacks a trans women prisoner on average once every 33 days.  

How could "we" change the sex offender percentage? 

Crazily either offending more in relation to committing non-sexual offences or much more preferably - not committing any sex offences at all. 

Notice the "we" is in speech marks though, I like all other decent citizens abhor crime of any sort, and trans folk who commit crime do not do it in my name. Indeed, I disown every one, though I do accept many have mental health issues and should accordingly be treated and given as much help as possible. 

And here is the crux of why I get stressed on Twitter - seeing a constant stream of images of "sex offending trans women" I have no relation to at all.  

I am being "smeared."  

The gender-critical do not have to post these images.

It serves no purpose other than to alienate law-abiding trans folk. And more to the point - WE DONT DO IT TO THEM.  

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