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8th August: Twitter & Allie Crewe Photography

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I don't usually blog on two different subjects but today is an exception. Firstly, I joined Twitter in the past week, my handle being @PlaceSteph 

I don't really "do" social media and am still very confused about how it works. This is an age thing really, but I again learnt the transphobes do not take any prisoners even for a "new girl" so to speak.

With their "I Love JKR" icon proudly pinned against their handle name they waded into me saying it was impossible to change sex. I fear sex and gender is something they don't understand - I am well aware that I was born with my genitals all wrong. For God's sake, that is why I am TRANS!

The government is to blame of course - "sex" goes on the birth certificate but to get it changed to my identifying gender I need to apply via the "Gender Recognition Act". 

This then changes my "sex" - except it doesn't really because the simple fact is I don't have "the right bits".

This is not deniable - I am trans, but I don't think with my genitals - I  think with my brain.

And at least I have been lucky enough to have had surgery to take some of my genitals away, and my estrogen levels are typical for a woman. 

And I know - yes know - I am female and was meant to be from day one. 

The second bit of news is that on Monday I did my first "Steph's Place" interview with the acclaimed photographer Allie Crewe.

Allie a cis woman and trans ally living close to Manchester and won the BJP "Portrait of the Year Award" in 2019 with an image of "Grace" a trans woman who lives and works in London. Allie's story will be appearing soon, so watch this space. 

That's it today. Let's hope I am still here tomorrow - I am a tad concerned a JKR disciple will reach down my smartphone and devour me but let's hope not.

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