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23rd August. Twitter And The TERF War.

Oh it is a mad mad world.

I have been on Twitter now for just over four weeks - my first ever social media site.


What a learning curve. Especially for someone just 18 months or so from the big 7 0.

I have been attacked by the radfem/gender-critical/TERF's twice, at one point having twenty-one of them breathing down my neck like bloodhounds coming in for the kill. Had two women offering to show me their boobs (I have my own thank you) and a couple of other offers that I would rather not talk about. My God, there are some strange people on Twitter. 

The lies on Twitter come thick and fast, spreading misinformation about trans folk by the JCB bucket load. Nothing please's a TERF, they are even complaining about the word "cis" which, according to Wikipedia, means this: 

Cisgender (sometimes cissexual, often abbreviated to simply cis) is a term for people whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth. For example, someone who identifies as a woman and was assigned female at birth is a cisgender woman. The term cisgender is the opposite of the word transgender. 

Now you would have thought a TERF would be pleased to be the opposite of transgender but no - they are not happy. Some of them say it has "religious connotations" others see it as "offensive."  They consistently go on about "women's places," "penises" and "their rights being stollen" - forgetting of course that trans folk are not looking at all to steal any rights - just wanting fundamental human rights. 

The best one so far, however, has to be a woman who I will only name as "M" - I do this because I am not prepared to name someone who must have serious mental health issues. Her Tweet read thus: 

It's a woman thing? We dont poop in public toilets unless it is a dire emergency, I know lots of women who won't poop at home when their man is in the house at the same time - all these traits make a woman what they are". 

Find this staggering? 

Well, it is not - what is staggering is that the TERF camp re-tweeted that over two hundred and ten times and as I write the figure is ever increasing. 

Twitter is a war zone. It is nasty, upsetting, raw, corrupt - in fact, everything that is bad is on Twitter. The TERFS do not offer any compassion or empathy to trans folk - it just war.

But then there is the other side - well at least in the trans camp of friendship, support and yes the odd screwball who dont help the trans cause. 

I have also found a dad with an autistic son. I dont know too much about autism except my grandson has been diagnosed with it and is clearly well behind other kids and has immense learning issues. The first signs were as a baby dribbling and constant screaming. There are links between autism and being trans. Should I feel guilty?  

Will I stay on Twitter - yes!

Every day is a school day and I am learning every day. 


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