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13th April. Under Attack.

Be prepared to put your money where your mouth is.

Under Attack.

Any LGBT+ person or true feminist activist interested in protecting the rights of trans and gay people together with the rights of women to have an abortion must surely be starting to become aware that those rights are under attack in the UK, albeit that the abortion debate, has to date, only 'taken off' in Northern Ireland. 

The foe is those of the hard-right and Christian extremists mainly based, in the United States who have allied up with the transphobic women's groups in the UK 

However, some can not see this - especially the UK-based gender-critical who oppose trans rights, invariably not realising, either in ignorance or arrogance, who their bedfellows are. But for their allies from the US... trans rights are just a start.

Perhaps the gender-crits feel that they can trust their American allies - that their sole target is trans rights, and once eradicated, their friends from the US will waft off on the breeze leaving abortion rights untouched. 

How naive. 

The attack against trans people in the UK is currently based on two fronts. The media such as newspapers like The Times, Telegraph and Spectator, and legal actions such as the Keira Bell case or the impending move by Ann Sinnott, a lady with a bit of history with alleged links to the LGB Alliance.

Whatever the connections are, it is evident that very serious money is being immorally invested in legal actions that are disguised as children's and womens rights - but in essence, is bare-faced transphobia.

Prejudice against trans people within society as a whole is not exactly rife in the UK - though indeed, we have far more than our fair share of transphobes and serious problems. In the main, and in particular, within the younger generation, trans people (and our rights) are accepted. Most in society get on with their daily lives, completely unaware of the hate groups wanting to erdicate LGBT+ rights and a woman's right to choose. 

But for sure, the hate groups are there in the dark shadows, lobbying, creating fear, doing their best to divide and weaken.

Their plan is simple.

Start with attacks against trans folks, then LGB people and finally women and their abortion rights.

The pattern is so evident by just looking at what has occurred or is happening today in America. Trans rights, gay rights and now the hot topic of abortions. Not at the federal level but at the state level - where the Democrats have no power against the Republican Trumpite regimes.  

In just one 24 hour period, abortion was a topic in numerous newspapers and media outlets. I am not just talking about small players but the massive players such as The New York Times, ABC News and USA Today. State media is a frenzy, too - with proposals to ban abortion and make doctors and mothers legally responsible in the name of "pro-life." Charges of murder and manslaughter are being discussed with doctors facing life sentences or perhaps worse -  the death penalty, albeit that hopefully, Joe Biden might have the last word.  

Legal cases are flying, often funded by groups like the ADF and Heritage, who are also happy to export millions of dollars to the UK in the name of "the big cause." Money that then often gets used silently - into alleged crowdfunding - but with not much of a crowd except on paper.

For now... it is money versus trans people. 

Money that trans folks and our allies have to match. Pound to pound, penny to penny. 

So the message of this blog is simple. Sure it is better to talk - but when legal action is launched against trans people we have no option but to defend ourselves. 

And if you want to protect LGBT+ rights, and in the longer terms want to save a woman's right to abortion -  be prepared to put your money where your mouth is and give generously to the Legal Defence Fund for Transgender Lives:

Crowdfunding is here to stay and trans rights are the thin end of the wedge. 

And gender-crits, especially you who are followers and not leaders -  just be very careful who you give both your money and indeed your time to. People are not always who they seem - well, not on the gender-critical side anyway.

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