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1st September - What is a woman?

By Steph


What is a woman? Recently, this question has been thrown at politicians, particularly the Conservative leadership candidates.

The real question is why?

There has been no specific incident or campaign to challenge what a woman is.

Nor, come to that what a man is? Surely, if any question is relevant, this should be the question to ask?

Is it not men who start wars? Is it not men that occupy 96% of prison places? Is it not men who commit murder and rape?

Well, invariably, it is not trans women, is it?

We have not started any war, though it could be argued that even the odd woman has.

Prison places? Well over 80,000 men in UK prisons. Trans women about 175. And yes, some people who identify as trans have committed murder; in England and Wales, the last stat we had was 13. The number of men who have committed murder is an astounding 5432.

Every demographic has "wrong uns" we need to be clear about this, but the people who do the vast amount of harm to natal women are not trans women... it is men!

And who attacks trans women like Anna in the image? MEN!

Last night, in an LBC-sponsored husting, Liz Truss stirred up the issue again, saying, "I am very clear that a woman is a woman. And I will make sure that I will protect our single-sex spaces like our domestic violence shelters". The response was cries of "whoop whoop" from MEN!

Men who put women in domestic violence shelters in the first place!

Did Truss condemn the men who put women in the shelters?

No, she did not and had she done so, would she get "whoop whoop's" from the men in the audience?

Nah, I dont think so - calling out male perpetrators is not politically cool.

And let's not forget all her male Tory MP's colleagues who have been CONVICTED of sex crimes or committed or been accused of sexual misconduct in recent years.

Truss did not mention these "men" - Tories sweep them under the carpet.

In May of this year, The Guardian listed them.

Imran Ahmad Khan
Neil Parish
David Warburton
Rob Roberts
Andrew Griffiths
Charlie Elphicke
Michael Fallon
Stephen Crabb
Mark Garnier
Damian Green

So instead of harassing trans women, all 200,000 of us - perhaps Liz Truss would serve women better by asking why out of some 275 male Tory MP's, at least ten have attacked women or acted improperly.. and these are just the ones that have been caught!


Words by Steph

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