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5th January. What makes a Gender Critical Tick

What makes people hate other people?


I am still trying to get my head around what makes the Gender-Critical (GC) tick. Some really do not make much sense. They claim there is a “trans ideology”, but we are real people we are not an ideology. An ideology is an 'idea' or an 'ideal' so we can relate to an ideology when it is enforced, written or voted on for example. Communist ideology, Marxism, Capitalism we can often trace back the history to one persons' thoughts or an organisation or system. But "trans ideology" - no it does not exist. And then I think of the terf war, also known as the gender war.

Why does this war even exist? 

There are no hordes of trans people ready to engulf society - we are just one per cent for goodness sake. Because of us men are not suddenly frequent the ladies or use women changing rooms. Because of us, no women are in danger indeed quite the reverse - we are the ones in danger. Looking through the Twitter timelines and speaking to the many GC's that I have it is very clear their "foot soldiers" the ones that in the main are not transphobic are often survivors of abuse. Many of these women are bruised for sure and they have my sympathy. But the leaders - they are transphobic - they claim that they are not, but they are. 

So about a week ago, I asked the question below via my Twitter account. Enjoy this blog.  It is probably the easiest I will write because other people wrote most of it for me! The question read: 

Going through some GC extremists timelines, I am still trying to work out if paranoia, naivety, hate or arrogance is the most common factor in their obsession towards trans women. Suggestions?

Here is a selection of replies: 

  • I would guess it’s pretty much the same as TRA’s they feel under attack.
  • Hate...always hate. They hate us and want us dead.
  • In fact, the 'fears' (etc.) they express are just justifications for their hatred.
  • They’ve been convinced by stupid arguments with no facts attached which seems to lead to extreme paranoia about things that will literally never happen. 
  • Terf ideology attracts sycophants, zealots, and even just people with a lot of misdirected rage. With a societal hatred of gender dover and the constant vilification of trans women, it is kind of a perfect storm. Similar to the alt-right.
  • I think it starts with simple ignorance and/or prejudice, but then with the propaganda efforts of the alt-right and other GCs it quickly devolves into paranoia, fear and hatred.
  • Insecurity about their own sexuality, gender or who they find attractive, can't handle their feelings "The Lady doth protest too much me thinks" Act 3, Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s "Hamlet."
  • Why is it that women are losing women-only spaces? I have an issue with men using women’s spaces. If trans women stand with women on this issue, then I’m sure we will be stronger together. 
  • Humanity has a long history of despising the 'other'. And these people tended to grow up in a world that very much primed them to see us as figures of mockery or disgust. So as we become more visible, they play that disgust out & create rationalisations for it.
  • I mean, I grew up with being trans being my deepest, darkest, most shameful secret. Disclosure film just scratches the surface of stuff put in our heads. Yet these ppl NEVER acknowledge they grew up being taught to be transphobic. It's invisible to them b/c they believe it all.
  • Rage resulting from personal insecurity.
  • Genuine fear born of willful ignorance.
  • I truly don't understand it, Steph. Their inability to see the human being just has me flummoxed.
  • They are inexplicably interlinked and in equal quantities!
  • You missed stupidity. 
  • That seems to be a common factor; in combination with arrogance and hubris, the sort of stupid that thinks it's clever.
  • I will go with paranoia for; thus, not naivety, they aren’t naive, they know the damage being done, but they’re convinced by their own paranoia reality is being warped as opposed to, society progressing
  • Its honestly a frightening place - the mind of someone that deep into a conspiracy about marginalised people. 
  • All 4?
  • That Venn diagram is a circle.
  • I would add ignorance and jealousy to your list. 
  • All of the above
  • I think people are missing the bigger picture. Where individuals piss is likely low down on the list. Is it not reasonable for women to have an opinion on who they/their daughters share refuges, prisons or contact sport with? How is shutting that dialogue down helpful to anyone?
  • All the above
  • I think for some it’s hate, for others it’s paranoia. The actively hateful ones convince other people, often abuse survivors, that trans women are somehow a threat to them. This leads those into paranoia, which can then turn to hate. The convincing also serves to redirect anger at patriarchal structures that enable abuse, such as abusive families or religious groups, towards a minority. And causes individuals to reintegrate into patriarchy instead of fighting it.
  • Sexual frustration.


A big thank you for everyone that tweeted their views.   Steph xx


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