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6th June 2020: Why a Bathroom Bill can and will be defeated.

The Liz Truss speech on the 22nd of April has, of course, sent a tidal wave of despair around the trans and allies’ communities, but the definition of 'women's places' has still to be defined.

Now to be fair, I can understand some of the TERFS concerns. If my daughter were in prison, I would be concerned if some nut had worked his way into a female jail saying he was a trans woman when he was not. And the same would apply in a women's refuge. Some men abuse women, and in these circumstances, it is correct that a woman is afforded protection in a safe environment. 

But when it comes to prison and refuges surely, it is for the relevant authorities to look at each case and make an informed judgement what is in the best interest of the individual in relation to the place of confinement or sanctuary? If the person identifies as a woman, obviously they should go to the relating establishment, and if they clearly identify as a man, they should go to the relating establishment. 

And if they are a 'con artist' the authorities should act appropriately! 

But when it comes to the loo, I draw a massive line. 

Going to have a pee is a human right! 

I was reading a blog on a TERF website only recently where the author was having a massive moan about the long queues to access the Ladies and in the next sentence saying how she could be attacked in the loo by a man!

All I can say is if a man attempts to attack a woman in the Ladies there will be only one winner and it won't be the man because all the women in 'that queue' will rip his balls off!

But on a more serious note, can I moot this? 

If the Tory government passes a Bathroom bill, it will quickly be challenged in court.

This is because it will go against human rights. Additionally, it will make it impossible to gain SRS surgery.

Like most countries in the world, the UK medical profession follow WPATH guidelines and to obtain surgery trans people, have to take the "Real Life Experience" (RLE) test before being granted surgery.  

Now if you have read my story on this website you will know full well I deplore this test both in length and in content, but I digress. 

As far as I recall, the RLE test lasts for one year, and you must use facilities appropriate to your gender. 

But if a trans woman can't use the Ladies loo because of any Bathroom Bill, she will then violate the RLE conditions, and if she breaches the RLE, she will not get SRS surgery... which of course is also against human rights! 

Let's just hope Liz Truss has a bit of common sense!

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