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Rachel Margaret Rathbone and her Hunger Strike Protest.

Trans healthcare in Ireland and in the UK is amongst the worst in Europe.

One Rachel Rathbone - there is only one Rachel Rathbone.  Very recently, I was talking to a GP friend about the appalling healthcare in the UK for trans people. With waiting lists from GP referral to see a gender specialist waits are often three or four years.......


Rachel Rathbone, YouTube and Ireland

A view from Ireland, Irish history, videos and being trans

One of the positives of being a Twitter user is that you can meet lots of people. Some are a bit weird for sure, but in the main, if you use the "block button" wisely - many can be lovely. One such person is Rachel, a trans woman from Ireland....


Pride For Youth Initiative

They violently attacked me with wooden blocks, closed fists and their feet.

I often get asked to help out other people or groups. I do my best, but I am just one person who still works full time. I was in my twenties I planned to retire at 55. Well, some times plans dont workout,


Attacks Against Transgender Folk In Uganda.

Posted By: Social Health & Empowerment Youth Initiative

We are always in danger. The incident happened on Thursday 29th October 2020 when our medical team was carrying out HIV & STI screening test activity at the "Social Health and Empowerment Youth Initiative’s" safe place.




Love and let live